Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Circular Staircase of Whimsy

Circular staircases can be quite striking and offer a bit of whimsy and mystery to the architecture of a home.  Pair architectural whimsy with regal beauty of floor to ceiling windows embellished in simple yet playful white trim woodwork, and you’ve got yourself a perfect match.  Top curvature, a gorgeous wooded garden view, and cool, soft, inviting blue and white, with only the necessary bits of furniture make this corner a lovely place to work or relax.  The desk on the right offers the perfect place to simply write a letter, blog, garden journal, write a list, even finish a novel or memoir.  One can imagine the quiet servitude of this classically defined space.

note: this photo pops up in quite a few places on the net.  We have yet to find the original source.  If you know who the brilliant designer or photographer of this room belongs to, please let us know so that we can document this photo properly.

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