Monday, January 17, 2011

Pampered Pets - Blue and White Bowls

Blue and white Bamboo Zen for your pooch or kitty.
Blue and White Polka Dots.
A bit of vogue for your Dogue.
Blue and white, classic colors, perfect for your pet and home.  Any pet boutique is sure to have some cute as a button bowls in blue and white for you cat or pooch.  But you needn't look just to specialty shops for your pet's ceramic bowls, especially if your pooch is small in stature, in which case the sky's the limit.  Seek out lovely blue and white ceramic designs online or at your local department store, TJ Max, or Target.  Boo hoo that the bamboo bowl and mat set above is no longer available from Red Envelope.  I do so love it.  The others can be found at Snooty Paws.

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