Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blue and White Front Porch Follies

Originally from Country Living; source: Under a Paper Moon: If the World Had a Front Porch

More and more people are enjoying their front porches.  When it comes to design, blue and white is a fabulous way to go.  Why? Because everything matches and the temperature stays cool and fresh, even in the summer.  A small splash of color, like the red embellishments shown here, can change the look of your front porch and give it a spice of something new.  Green, orange, yellow, brown, or any other color of the rainbow will look just as fabulous against the blue and white backdrop of your front porch.  Here are some other Blue and White Front porch looks to inspire you.

Here's a fabulous and refreshing idea: Paint your porch ceiling Blue instead of white!  source: Home Fashionistas

Amazing indeed!  I just love this.  So fresh and inviting.  Original source: Better Homes and Gardens.  Photo found at French Larkspur: Seeking Life's Inspirations.

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